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Dean's Message

Our Faculty

    This Faculty has four undergraduate programs and six Master programs. The Faculty has approximately 2.000 students.

    We offer the following bachelor degrees:

  • - Business Administration
  • - Economics
  • - Public Administration
  • - Public Accounting

    Its academic orientation is focused on business and economics in a theoretical and research framework.

    One of the Faculty´s strengths is its teaching strategy supported by part time professors working in the respective teaching field and in top positions in private corporations and the public sector as well. Additionally the Faculty has 60 full time professors, who carry out research and also hold lectures. Most lecturers are experienced PhD, MBA, MS or MA that combines theory and practice is very much appreciated and valued by our students.

Department of Business Administration
Department of Economics

    Following the Chilean tradition, this undergraduate School offers a five year professional degree called "Public Accountant".

    The curriculum of this career grants great flexibility and it allows the students to choose majoring in Administration or Economics. The Administration major focuses in Finance, Marketing or Management.

    Even though the emphasis is always on business economics. In turn, the Economics speciality allows a rigorous analysis in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics.

Department of Public Administration / Carrera de Administración Pública

    The main goal of this career is the formation of professionals who can perform creative functions of analysis and optimization concerning the public administration and its relevance in the economic development.

    All of it with the purpose of maximizing the efficiency and reinforcement of the effectiveness in the production of goods and services in the public sector. To improve and to promote a better regulatory environment is a very important part of the curriculum. The State must be understood in its wide meaning, in other words as an agent of development of the society.

Department of Auditing and Accounting / Carrera de Contador Público y Auditor

    The Auditing and Accounting Department is an academic unit in which specialists that develop the areas of the general accounting, taxation, legal system, management control, cost accounting, information systems and auditing, participate.

    It is supported by a rich bibliographical source as well as computational resources. The Department also participates in the most relevant organizations of the profession as the World Association of Internal Auditing. Additionally, it is an institutional member of the Inter-American Association of Accounting AIC, and member of the Permanent Academic Conference of Accounting Investigation CAPIC.