Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if my intention is to join Usach in an exchange programme?

Ask your university's International Relations staff. If there is an Existing Exchange Agreement with Usach and what this agreement consists of. They should indicates dead lines, programmes, requirements among others.

What subjects can I study?

The subjects established by your exchange agreement, previously reviewed by your Head of Programme.

As for the subjects, is it possible to make modifications once I have started a subject?

It is possible as long as you do not belong to a double degree agreement, since in that case the subjects are already established. Nor can modifications be made to the enrollment of subjects when the University of Origin requests specific courses to perform. In any case it is the responsibility of the exchange student to request the authorization to change subjects in his/her home university. In the case of taking any subject, they can be modified on request.

This must be personally requested in our office and in the periods that are established in the meeting of induction.

How should I choose the subjects?

Depending on the agreement. There are agreements in which you can only take subjects from one of our programmes. Other agreements state that you can take courses from different programmes. The programmes currently taught by the Faculty of Administration and Economics are:

  • Public administration
  • Public Accountant and Auditor
  • Commercial Engineering with a mention in Management
  • Commercial Engineering with a mention in Economics.

Can I choose and take courses at any level or semester?

The subjects to choose should be those that are dictated from the fifth semester, that is, from the third year onwards. This requirement is established in the agreements signed between both institutions.

How many times per week are classes held?

It will usually depend on the course of your choice. Some courses have classes 3 times a week, including TA, others have classes twice a week and the subjects taught in the afternoon once a week. In the case of the afternoon subjects, these include TA or classes on Saturdays.

What is the semester duration?

These will depend on the semester to be taken. For example:

1st semester:
Start: March (exact date to be defined)
Term: July (exact day to be defined)

2nd Semester:
Start: August (exact day to be defined)
Term: December (exact day to be defined)

As for foreigners, is there a week of introduction and organization before classes start?

The International Relations Unit of the Faculty of Administration and Economics, organizes a week of induction, which is contemplated before the beginning of the classes of each semester. This week contains different activities within which the student is first registered in our office where he / she must present himself / herself. This information in detail is sent to the exchange student once selected.

How can I see the subjects and download study programmes, or description of each of the subjects?

First you must enter the page where you will find the three programmes that our faculty teaches, so you must click on the programme that you want to know, then general information on the programme is displayed. After that, you can click on MALLA and you will be directed directly to the curriculum, you can place the cursor on the name of the subject, then click and Download the syllabus of each subject.