Buddy Tutors

Although it is true, the objective of joining a exchange programme is to have new experiences that contribute both to our academic formation and our personal life, through each experience we are adding value that at the end of that exchange is translated without doubt in personal growth.

In order to make our exchange successful, we will encounter difficulties that are caused both by the language and the organization, culture and the characteristics that the country of destination has; for this it is vital to have networks of contacts and support, which are initially given by the people who receive us at universities, who are constantly sending us directions before our arrival.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, having a support network made up of young people with our same concerns and interests makes it easier for us to resolve issues that are sometimes domestic when arriving in another country, such as the means of transportation that I must use to reach the university where I will perform my exchange, the procedures that the country demands, the costs in transportation, how to choose the place where to live and many more. How can we solve them?, well, with the support of the Buddy Tutors team.